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SuccessionMatching’s Ukrainian Project was designed to take the complex problems of finding employment for 100 million displaced persons living in refugee camps, skilled workers shortage, finding financing to purchase a business, and the impact of business succession on our local communities, and offer a streamlined solution that addresses the needs of all stakeholders. Here’s a tale of collaboration, determination, and innovation that outlines how SuccessionMatching and its partners are crafting a brighter future for those caught in the crosshairs of conflict.

1. Problem: Seller Preparedness

Challenge: Business and farm owners often believe that finding a buyer is their primary obstacle when selling their enterprise. In reality, lacking preparedness to engage with potential buyers can hinder successful transactions.

Solution: SuccessionMatching recognizes the importance of comprehensive planning. By semi-automating the creation of formal succession plans, SuccessionMatching keeps costs manageable for small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, they provide personalized support to owners, aiding them in developing a thorough transition plan, complete with a due diligence binder. This ensures that businesses are not just ready for a sale, but for a seamless transition that ensures continuity.

2. Problem: Access to Capital for Buyers

Challenge: Buyers often struggle with securing financing, especially with the impact of rising interest rates.

Solution: SuccessionMatching’s response to this challenge involves adapting to evolving market dynamics. The M&A landscape shifted during the pandemic, leading to new opportunities. SuccessionMatching introduced a unique “Investor Buyers” profile type. This service identifies businesses within investors’ preferences from SuccessionMatching’s existing inventory. The focus is on connecting search funds, family offices, and private equity groups with SMEs boasting consistent cash flow. This not only opens doors for buyers but also provides sellers with ready and interested investors.

3. Problem: Skilled Labour Shortage

Challenge: Many businesses struggle to attract skilled labour, and this issue can be a deal-breaker for potential buyers.

Solution: SuccessionMatching’s innovative approach to this challenge revolves around post-acquisition strategies. The solution lies in tapping into an unconventional workforce. SuccessionMatching envisions bringing in displaced persons as skilled workers after a business purchase. By addressing the labour shortage creatively, SuccessionMatching enhances the attractiveness of businesses to both buyers and investors, ensuring the sustainability of operations.

SuccessionMatching’s approach to addressing challenges in business succession and acquisition is nothing short of transformative. By focusing on seller preparedness, facilitating access to capital for buyers, and tackling the skilled labor shortage creatively, SuccessionMatching is rewriting the rules of the game. These solutions not only streamline transactions but also foster the growth and resilience of small and medium-sized enterprises, positioning SuccessionMatching as a trailblazer in the field.

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