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Clear communication is vital in any exchange of information, and this holds true for buying or selling a business. While technology has made it easier to convey directions or information, there are times when old-fashioned communication becomes necessary. In such situations, two simple words can play a crucial role: “please explain.” Let’s explore how these words can prevent misunderstandings and ensure a smooth business transaction.

Recognizing the Subjectivity of Communication

When providing directions, we often assume that our instructions are clear and objective. However, factors like differing perspectives, varied interpretations of landmarks, and subjective perceptions of time can lead to miscommunications. This highlights the importance of clear definitions in business transactions.

The Importance of Clear Definitions in Selling a Business

Sellers must remember that what is evident to them may not be apparent to potential buyers. Unique aspects of the business, developed over time, may not be easily understood or valued by others. To address this, clearly defining processes, key employees, systems, and other relevant aspects becomes crucial. By providing explicit explanations, sellers can help buyers understand the value of these unique features.

Avoiding Assumptions and Preventing Miscommunications

Buyers often assume that certain items, processes, or relationships will be included in the sale, only to discover later that this was not the case. To prevent such misunderstandings, it is essential for sellers to anticipate these assumptions and explicitly list what is not included. On the buyer’s side, asking “please explain” whenever necessary can help clarify uncertainties. This approach ensures that both parties have a shared understanding of the transaction.

The Significance of Clear Definitions

Clear definitions are crucial to facilitate a seamless business sale and smooth ownership transition. Common topics that are miscommunicated in business transitions include:

  • IT subscriptions 
  • inventory details 
  • client information
  • lease terms
  • key relationships
  • knowledge transfer 

Questions regarding these topics should be addressed and defined explicitly. This approach helps manage expectations and prevents future complications.

In the realm of buying or selling a business, the power of two simple words, “please explain,” should not be underestimated. By employing this phrase, both buyers and sellers can ensure a shared understanding of what is being transacted. Clear definitions and explicit explanations play a vital role in avoiding misunderstandings and setting the right expectations. So, before embarking on a business deal, remember that seeking clarification early on is always a wise move.

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