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By: SuccessionMatching

Succession Matters is a platform by which we dissect the various tough topics of succession and business transition. Join us as we speak to succession planning professionals from all over North America and demystify, de-complicate, and debunk every aspect of what it takes to buy or sell a business.

Episode 1 "Negotiation"

For this episode Chelsea Lees from SuccessionMatching together with Kjel Erickson from Cassiar Partners  discussed about the “Negotiation” on business/succession planning.Click Here to Listen

Episode 2 "Valuation"

One of the biggest challenges to selling a business is understanding how much the business is actually worth..Click Here to Listen

Episode 3 "Emotional Readiness to Sell"

For this episode Chelsea Lees from SuccessionMatching together with with Dr. Regan Patrick from Dept. of Neuropsychology in Geriatric Psychiatry from McClean Hospital Harvard Medical School  discussed about the “Emotional Readiness to Sell” on business/succession planning..Click Here to Listen

Episode 4 "The Ukrainian Project"

The Ukrainian Project endeavours to match the right businesses for sale to our friends at Cassiar Partners with the sole intention of employing displaced Ukrainians with the ambition to one day take the whole business over.Click Here to Listen

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