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Episode 2 “Valuation”

By: SuccessionMatching

For this episode Chelsea Lees from SuccessionMatching together with Paul Maarschalk discussed about the “Valuation” on business/succession planning.


One of the biggest challenges to selling a business is understanding how much the business is actually worth. Teasing apart matters like assets, goodwill, and recurring revenue can feel like an overwhelming mess that often leaves people uncomfortable about assigning an asking price to their business listing. Naturally, for a buyer to even be interested in a business for sale, the value, and asking price, is one of the first elements they look at.  As such, nailing down the value of the business is important to progressing a sale.  

In this episode, we talk to Paul Maarschalk,  a professional valuator who specializes in valuating small to medium-sized businesses (yes, we mean ‘valuating’ and not evaluating). He delivers some expert insight as to when a valuator is necessary, and why they are worth it in the long run.

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