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Saskatchewan and Manitoba launch an exciting new project to aid in business retention

Feb 12, 2020

Rural Canada’s local businesses are the lifeblood of their communities, but too few businesses are planning for their succession, leading to poor business retention within community economic development initiatives. 

It is a valuable endeavour to commit to assisting communities in retaining these valuable assets, and to ensure local businesses continue on with new owners rather than shutting down. 

Community Futures Manitoba and Community Futures Saskatchewan seek to support this objective by partnering with the Government of Manitoba, the Government of Saskatchewan, Succession Plan Canada, and SuccessionMatching in offering a particularly special multistage program. 

This program is directed specifically towards assisting business owners with succession plans, encouraging youth entrepreneurship, attracting international investment attraction and enhancing the economic competitiveness of Manitoba and Saskatchewan through the “Business Succession, Expansion and Repurpose” project.

Community Futures Manitoba and Community Futures Saskatchewan have purchased premium membership coupon codes for distribution to rural business owners in these provinces for free access to 

The website operates to help business owners in their communities match up with potential buyers, addressing a major pain point in maintaining economic health.  Many of these potential buyers on the website are aspiring new Canadians who wish to purchase a business and immigrate to Canada via their Provincial Nominee Programs. also maintains the “Be Your Own Boss” program, fixated on connecting sellers with young post-secondary graduates and Indigenous entrepreneurs.

For more information on accessing SuccessionMatching’s site and services please fill out this form and a SuccessionMatching representative will set up your premium membership and help you set your privacy settings to keep the transition confidential. 

For Business Owners 

If you are an individual interested in immigrating to Manitoba through the Provincial Nominee Program, please fill out this survey and a member of the SuccessionMatching team will reach out to you to answer any questions about eligibility and get you started on the matching process. 

For International Buyers 



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