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Canada’s 5 Cities to Watch for Immigration in Fall of 2019

Sep 4, 2019

There are a number of reasons for someone abroad to immigrate to Canada.  Aside from being a great country all around, Canada offers phenomenal education opportunities, and an arms-open approach to immigration. With difficult policy in Australia, unstable UK Brexit circumstances, and negative press about immigration in the US,  Canada has become an attractive opportunity to the best and brightest.


From the SuccessionMatching perspective, we have seen a number of international entrepreneurs successfully transition into the country through business purchases.  Not only is this a rewarding way to enter into the country, it is a notable method for integrating into a community as well. International entrepreneurs have much to gain buying a business in Canada, including better overall opportunity for them and their families.  


In our efforts to help bring more international entrepreneurs into the country, we have seen some strong trends in the best places to start a new Canadian life through business transition.  Here are our top 5 places to buy a business in Canada.  


  1.  Thunder Bay, ON

One of the main reasons people choose to immigrate to Canada is for the educational resources possible for their children. Lakehead university alone has had an increase of 1300  international students over the past nine years. Their goal is to have international students make up 20% of their student body by 2023, and they are well underway to achieve that.  


  1. Orillia, ON

Finding a business to buy means finding a business owner that is ready to sell, and Orillia wins the prize for the highest number of businesses ready to transition. works off of specifically designed algorithms that support matching points to draw buyers and sellers together. Orillia ranks high in its number of business sellers that would make the best matches for international buyers.  


  1. Brandon, MB

Brandon is a community that has a perfect storm of engagement at the local, provincial and federal level. We have found their city officials to be very responsive in working with businesses, there is interest at the provincial level to streamline a process and it has been selected at the federal level as one of the pilot communities. 


  1. Yarmouth, NS

Ranking at the third most popular destination for international clients to purchase businesses in Canada, Yarmouth represents the best of what Atlantic Canada’s immigration ‘Connector Program’ has to offer.  In conjunction with the Western Regional Enterprise Network located in Nova Scotia, finding a business to buy in this stunning landscape is well supported.  


  1. Moose Jaw, SK

Another of the most considered cities to buy a business in, Moose Jaw was one of the 11 communities selected for the federal government’s ‘Northern and Rural Immigration Pilot Program’.  This program is geared towards gaining and retaining foreign skilled workers for the purposes of meeting economic development and labour market needs. Moose Jaw’s proximity to a major transportation hub, and lower required investment criteria make it a popular choice for international buyer clients. 


Over the last 9 weeks, we have seen a change in trends from international clients focusing on BC now turning their attention to Ontario. This directly correlates to the recent changes to Ontario’s programming on immigration. Stay up to date with trends on business succession, youth attraction and immigration by signing up for our newsletter. 


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