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First off, we would like to thank you for your participaction in helping us to get the word out about this webinar summit.  It is a true pleasure to help the entrepreneurs of Canada find a way to either preserve their legacy through transition, or enter the landscape through purchasing a business.  This is SuccessionMatching’s 6th webinar summit, and each one has received amazing feedback as we strive to help people overcome the major hurdles associated with business transition.  If you have any questions at all, or would like to be involved as a presenter in this summit (there is still time!) please contact, or fill out the form below.

First thing is first…

if you would like to direct someone to register for this webinar summit, or would like to register yourself, this link will take you to the page in which to do so.  Check it out, and learn a little about the summit itself.  

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The following is a collection of graphics and text for you to conveniently download and add to your channels.  Below are the handles for the SuccessionMatching channels should you choose to link back to us! (Graphics and Text will open in a seperate tabs on your browser, right click to save the graphic to your computer, and copy and past the text to go with it in the social media post.) 









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