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SuccessionMatching’s Ukrainian Immigration Fast-Track Program 

Right now, there are millions of Ukrainians fleeing their home country with no place to go. As a business community in Canada, many of us are glued to our screens wondering how we can help these displaced persons.

If you are in the process of selling your business, consider selling through our SUFTP.  SuccessionMatching has teamed up with investors who are looking to deploy capital for the purpose of purchasing businesses suitable to employ displaced Ukrainians, with the long-term vision to transition ownership to the immigrants themselves.  

This project is focused on where preparation meets opportunity. Work one-on-one with the SuccessionMatching team to set up a plan to transition your business on your terms. Although many of the individuals coming from Ukraine have had successful thriving careers, doing business in Canada is a bit different.  We wish to find business owners who are willing to help mentor the ‘new owner’ over a period of time. 

How Does It Work?

  1. You sell your business to our investment partners.  


  2. The new ownership is positioned to employ displaced Ukrainians looking to land in Canada through a work Visa


  3. Once the transition is complete, our investors employ displaced Ukrainians with the intention to transition the business to them in time. 


What Do You Need To Do?


  1. Make sure your business is ready to sell – not sure if you are ready?  Fill out the first two forms below to give us an indication if your business is ready to sell as a part of this program.  


  2.  Once you have filled out these forms, our member support will be in touch with you to answer any questions you may have in a 30 minute consultation.  

Tell us about your business

Certain businesses will fit the needs of this program better than others.  Help us to identify if your business is a good fit. 

Does Your Busines qualify?

We need to know if your financials are in place to engage with our investor buyers. The following form will give us the right details to qualify you for this phase.  

Get Your Business Ready To Sell

Not ready to sell your business, but ready to start planning? We can help. Sign up to learn more about our Formal Succession Planning program. It is the best first step to selling to an immigrant looking to buy.

To learn more about SuccessionMatching, and our partners on this project, follow these linked logos…

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