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Certain businesses will fit the needs of this program better than others.  Help us to identify if your business is a good fit and we will be in touch! 

Learn More abut the formal succession planning program

Oftentimes, business owners aren’t ready to talk to potential buyers and need a little extra one-on-one assistance to get there.  SuccessionMatching has designed a Formal Succession Planning program to help business owners understand what options are available to them and set them up for a successful transition.

North America has welcomed thousands of Ukrainians fleeing their home country and we are in the process of welcoming them into our communities. Finding work that is not only viable long term but also fulfilling is important to help these individuals set up for success long term if they choose to remain in Canada or the US. 

SuccessionMatching has launched a program to match these individuals who are looking for employment with a private equity firm that has been buying businesses. 

This project has partnered with the Economic Developers of Alberta to locate businesses in the province wishing to sell to this Canadian investor, and help new Ukrainian employees settle into the community. 

Business owners in the province reap the benefits of an investor who is able to pay them cash, and is committed to ensuring the legacy of their business for future years to come. 

The vision of the program is to have these Ukrainian employees earn into the business over a period of time, becoming a partner in the, and finally an active owner. 

Who is ideal for this program?

1. A business owner that wants to sell in the next 1-5 years

2. Currently have 4 employees or more 

3. Willing to mentor the Ukrainian, for a period of time, who joins and is active in the business 


How does it work?

  1. The business owner sells to our investment partners. 
  2. The new ownership is positioned to employ displaced Ukrainians.

  3. Once the transition is complete, the investors employ displaced Ukrainians with the intention to transition the business to them in time. 


For more information on the program with EDA, visit

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