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SuccessionMatching is a two-sided marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to our Mainstreet marketplace, SuccessionMatching offers a concierge-syle Investor Buyer program to help bring larger off-market businesses to investors with more specialized requirements.

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The SuccessionMatching (SXNM) Investor Buyer program is designed to provide a concierge service for funds looking to acquire businesses from the SuccessionMatching platform. We begin this process by working with the business owners (sell side) to ready their business for transition then, using the data provided, match them to appropriate and well-fit potential buyers. Through the Investor Buyer program, signed participants will receive leads, exclusive information pertaining to the business, and facilitated introductory match calls.

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The Benefits

  • SuccessionMatching offers a consistent deal flow of off-market businesses.
  • We hand-select businesses within your strike zone.
  • Business owners are vetted to ensure they are ready to sell prior to any introductions.
  • Introductions, meetings and follow-ups between the investor buyer and business owner are facilitated by SuccessionMatching to keep communication flowing and professional.

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