The following page holds a bank of resources for your convenience, to help you guide clients, request specific assets, understand the PNP process and communicate what SuccessionMatching does. 

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Resource Inventory 

Below is a list of all of our resources, please copy the names of the ones you want and paste them in this form so that we can send you the ones you need!  Videos are marked with a (V) and Articles are marked with an (A).



Business Structure

2019 Summit – Distinguishing A Share Sale From an Asset Sale (V)

Is Incorporating Worth it? (A)

Business Purchase

How do I find a business to buy? (v)

How do you evaluate a business you are looking to buy? (v)

Should I buy a business? (v)

2019 Summit – Summit Presentation 1: Buying a Business? A Step by Step Guide (v)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 15 – Business Financing by Ryan Reynard (v)

Summit 2021 – Selling Your Business – Insight from a buyer (v) 

2021 Summit – Finding Opportunities In Business Purchases (V)

Business Transition

2021 Summit – How preparing for negotiation will get you the best deal (V)

Closing Date: The End is just The Beginning (A)

Purchase/Sale Agreement Checklist (A)


Two Words to Use When Buying/Selling a Business (A)

How to Speak with an Audience of 1 or 100 (A)


2019 Summit – Converting Your Business To A Coop (V)


Summit 2021 – How COVID has changed the Succession Landscape (V)

Summit 2021 – Issues in Selling Your Business in Current Times (V) 

Employee Share Ownership Plan

2021 Summit – Employee Share Ownership Issues in the Current Market (V)

2019 Summit – The Do’s and Dont’s of Selling Your Business to Employees (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 3 – Employee Shared Ownership Programs with Dan Ohler (V)

2019 Summit – Tips for Selling to Your Employees in the US (V)



Family Transition

2019 Summit – Safeguards to Consider When Keeping the Business In the Family (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 2 – Family Transitions with Elaine Froese (V)


Farm – why get an appraisal? (V)

Farm Market Value (V)

Financial Planning

2019 Summit – Keep as Much of Your Money as Possible After the Sale (V)

2019 Summit – How to Get the Absolute Highest Price for your Business (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 13 – Financial Planning with Cliff Wiegers (V)

HR Management

How do you know you are in conflict? (V)

Is collaboration better than compromise? (V)

Is compromise the best way to solve conflict? (V)

2021 Summit – Navigating Remote Working While Selling or Buying A Business (V)

2019 Summit – Managing Employees and Partners During a Business Transition (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 6 – Emotional Readiness for Change with Dave Sinclair (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 8 – HR Before, During, and After Transition with Christie Ferguson (V) 

Critical Positions — Assessment Tool (A) 

Critical Positions — Assessment Scale (A) 

6 Ways to Prepare for Key Staff Departures (A)

Work/Life Balance: Setting Work and Life Goals (A)

Work/Life Balance: Mistaking Harmony for Dissonance (A)

Work/Life Balance: A Life Worth Working For (A) 


2019 Summit – Why Insurance is a Critical Component in Selling Your Business (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 12 – Insurance Strategies with Andrew Shorter (V)


Is Your Business OINP-ready? (A)

2019 Summit – Finding an International Buyer (V)

2021 Summit – Selling To An International Buyer (V)


2019 Summit – Transaction Structuring and Legal Considerations of Selling or Purchasing a Business (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 13 – Legal Considerations with Glenn Warkentin (V)




Does your business have a marketing plan?(V)

How do you add the ‘secret sauce’ to your marketing strategy? (V)

3 levels of planning in business marketing (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 9 – Dusting Off the Cobwebs, A Marketing Conversation with Roger Grona (V)


Let’s get philosophical – the Socratic method of mentorship (V)

What can mentorship do for you? (V)

What does it mean to be a mentor? (V)

2021 Summit – Mentorship and Mental Health (V)

2019 Summit – Keys to Successfully Mentoring the New Owner of Your Business (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 7 – Mentorship with Doug Lawrence (V)

Succession Planning

Summit 2021 – Selling Your Business – Insight from a buyer (V)

What does a sale look like? (V)

Summit 2021 – Succession Planning – Why Business Owners Don’t Often Get It Right (V)

2021 Summit – Protecting Yourself As A Business Owner (V)

2021 Summit – Maximizing The Sale of Your Business (V)

2021 Summit – How to Maximize The Stability And Value Of Your Business (V)

2019 Summit – How to Find the Right Buyer for Your Business (V)

2019 Summit – Preparing to Plan: Building Your Succession (V)

Succession Planning Programming (V)

2017 SMCP Fall Webinar Series – Session 4 – Third Party Sales with SuccessionMatching (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 1 – Overview on Business Transitions and the SMCP with Alison Anderson (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 5 – Writing a Succession Plan with Alison Anderson (V)

5 Ways You Can Profit From A Succession Plan (A)

When should I start a Succession Plan? (A)

10 Key Considerations When Starting Your Succession Plan (A)

Is Your Organization Ready to Succeed? (A)

Tax Planning

Tax Planning – Why Sell? (V)

Tax Planning – Prepping for Succession (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 11 – Tax Planning with Jordan Anderson (V)


Common errors in valuating (V)

Do you need a 3rd party valuator to sell? (V)

Do you fully understand the value of your business? (V)

2021 Summit – 4 Steps To Increase The Value Of Your Business (V)

2021 Summit – Business Valuations – Are they needed? What’s involved? (V)

2021 Summit – Value Acceleration (V)

2019 Summit – How to Establish What Your Business is Worth (V)

2017 SMCP Webinar Series – Session 10 – The Importance of Chartered Business Valuations with Paul Maarschalk (V)

Business Valuation Suggestions from SXNM (A)

Provincial Nominee Programs



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