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Benefits – being a military vet & buying a business/selling to a vet.

Jun 11, 2017

This morning I had a great question from a potential member to our site.

“I happen to notice a question within your membership application referring to military/veteran benefits… what benefits are offered to former military members?”

When SuccessionMatching members sign up, one of our economic development officers reviews their profiles and sends the new sign up additional information based on their answers.

Military membership benefits- We ask this question on our profile questions because at every stage of your business transition, there is a benefit to being former military.

Example: Do you have financing in place to purchase a business?

There are a number of loan products that are only available for retired military members, we would include these resources in your “Welcome Email” or to answer any of your questions throughout the transition.

On this flip side, if you are a business owner looking to sell and are in the process of finding a buyer, there are multiple benefits to selling to a military vet. No other organization in Canada invests as much into their leadership training as the Canadian Armed Forces. Having a good leader will increase the chances that the business will continue to be success, which will in turn protect your legacy. And they have access to a great business planning bootcamps and loan products through great organizations such as Futurepreneur Canada and Enactus & Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur.

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